We drink water because for our body. We wash our body with water. Almost every activity under heaven is done with water. What is surprising is that humans regard waterfalls and ponds as the best nature on earth. But, we do not see many waterfall and ponds around us. If we want to see one, we need to travel far. However, we can make an artificial one. This is possible because of arts. Well, art came from nature that the human eyes see as the beautiful creature on earth.

If you want to have one design for your backyard or for a park, there are some ideas that will give you an idea of how you would design one. These artificial waterfalls and ponds must be taken care of so that its beauty will never fade.
The water used should be changed from time to time so that it does not decrease the point of its beauty. This is why no one can imitate the law of nature no matter how smart a person is.

The principle of waterfall and pond designing can never be compared with the principle of nature. This is why people travel far to go to a real waterfall and pond even though there are artificial ones near them. However, we can somehow feel happy when we see a water nearby us. This is an instinct behavior of human beings towards the water.  So it is not bad for us to put a pond or waterfall anywhere even in your backyard or garden.